Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Theory of the Adoption Showdown

Fewer Kids Available for Adoption by Foreigners
from "The China Daily"

A view of the adoption slowdown by a Chinese journalist

Friday, August 15, 2008

Larry King Reflects on the Chapman Family

......scroll on down to the bottom of the page for Larry King's reaction to his interview with the Steven Curtis Chapman family.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Search of the Right Men's Diaper Bag

Several months back, a wonderful friend threw us a brunch/shower for Joanna Mei.
One of the beautiful gifts was a pink diaper bag. Be really likes it. I don't do pink.
I'm going to be the stay-at-home-dad. I will not be carrying a pink diaper bag.
Be says she'll carry it. Fine. But what do I do when Be's not with me?
I need MY OWN diaper bag......and it has to meet MY specifications.
* it must double as a personal 'carry-on' bag when Joanna Mei is not flying with us.
*must have a flap to accommodate airline boarding passes and baggage receipts.
* it must hold a lap top.
* it must double as a beach bag for our Hawaiian vacation
the week before Joanna Mei's adoption.
*it must have compartments for easy accessability
to cell phones, CD players, keys and sunglasses.
* it must not look like a diaper bag when not being used as a diaper bag.
The bag we chose was the "Eddie Bauer" model pictured above. It actually looks like a regular tote type bag disguising the fact that contained within it's synthetic fabric walls there are wipes, a sippy cup, emergency diapers, an airtight plastic pouch for dirty diapers (Yuk! Does anyone actually carry around a diaper defiled by baby poopie inside their diaper bag? What kind of a wacko thing is that? Perhaps it's there as a conversation piece ...... Guess what I have in my diaper bag? Yikes! There's GOT to be some other use for the airtight plastic pouch!), Pediassure, apple juice as well as
sunglasses, cell phone, water bottle and change of shoes for dad.It's a great piece of luggage for the discriminating DiaperBaggist.

Along the way, I discovered that there are several versions available to taste specific men. I have included several examples below for your shopping pleasure ......

The Camouflage Diaper Bag
In case you need to change your baby while hunting.

The Ninja Diaper Bag
(also comes with orange trim and dragon)
The packaging includes the warning

"Ninja practices not to be used while diapering baby."

The Peace Sign Diaper Bag

Caution: Users of this diaper bag may be subject to additional SW questioning.

The Flamingo Diaper Bag

For the man with a good self image.

For some reason, during my internet search for "Men's Diaper Bags", this
manual came up. I thought "What the heck!" I ordered it.

The Skull and Crossbones Diaper Bag


The Diaper Vest
Now who the heck came up with this one?
Here's something that'll really disguise the fact that you're carrying baby equipment
much the same way the combover disguises baldness.
This brilliantly designed garment includes pockets for diapers, wipes, bottles, cell phones and the piece de resistance ----
a slim design diaper changing pad in a hidden pocket in the back of the vest!!!!
Isn't that fabulous? Maybe for someone who doesn't mind being called "Lumpy"!
Actually, I thought of buying it but alas ......
Some fool didn't include an airtight pouch for poopied diapers!

I'm outtahere.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You Know You Are An Old First-Time Parent If .......

........ wine glasses and sippy cups occupy the same shelf in your kitchen cabinet.
Any other suggestions for
You Know You Are An Old First -Time Parent If .........

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Congratulations!! January 2006 Referrals!!

CCAA Update!

LID’s through the review room: JANUARY 31, 2007 (no change)

LID’s through referral: JANUARY 31, 2006

CCAA advanced 6 calendar days
(4 business days + 2 weekend days; landing during the CNY), from January 25, 2006.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SW Follow Up

The Empress was on her best behavior last Friday as we had our post adoption follow-up visit. She could charm just about anyone as she babbled like Pebbles Flintstone and demonstrated how a triangular block fits into a round hole quite unsuccessfully.
Everything seemed to be status quo so our SW invited us to sit on a panel at an adoption event the agency is hosting in October. We'll take questions on "Special Needs" adoption (our agency calls SN kids "Children of Promise") and our experiences until that point.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Why Is It Taking So Long?

I wish I had this vid while going through the 3+ year adoption process.
This is all information that prospective adoptive parents already know, but get SSOO tired of explaining. Next time, just tell them I'll send you a link ........

Today Show video on China adoption......