Friday, October 07, 2005

We're waiting

This post is from Be. Thought I'd update you on our progress. I talked with Bethany Christian Services today and asked when our social worker, Harold would be coming to visit us again and how many more "home studies" we would need. She said there was only 1 home study and she is waiting for the report so it can be sent to Immigration. Harold should be coming back this month to instruct us about our dossier and other things we will need to get together for China. We have started to network with other families at church who have adopted from China. My co-worker Cindy got us in touch with Sharon, a nurse in the Sand Lake Hospital outpatient unit, who has adopted a little girl in the past year and will be returning to China in the next 7 months to get their second child. There is also a local chapter of Families with Children from China that I have emailed for information. Please pray for our prospective child/children and that the adoption process will progress without delays.